Thursday, August 8, 2013

How to make a Video - Workshop at The Mackay School

Last Monday, in our multimedia room in the library, Xzavian Cookbey, Student of Film in the Santa Fe University of Arts and Design, gave a workshop focused on "How to make a documentary video" using the tools available in our school.

The workshop was theoretical and practical, and 10 people participated: 8 students, Mr. Gonzalo Sherrington (Designer) and Ms. María Mercedes Yeomans (Teacher-Librarian). The topics were Lighting, Framing and Interviewing. After the instruction, students were able to practice with the cameras of The Mackay School and apply what they learnt in a practical task. Xzavian said:

"The workshop was very helpful and informative for the students. They showed that they understood and that everything was helpful, when they worked in groups to apply the few skills I had taught them in that hour together. I was very impressed with their effort as a group." "They all exhibited an interest to learn the useful skills needed in order to make this project great. Some of them had and idea of how to achieve an insightful film before entering the room, but they were willing to learn. That is the foundation to any great project."

Xzavian shared some useful videos with the students, including some of his personal work to show the B Roll technique and some framing tips.

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